The parent company is Sumitomo Densetsu Co., Ltd in Japan. Since its establishment in 1950, Sumitomo Densetsu Co., Ltd has been developing its business based on the spirit of "putting trust first, providing services that please customers and contributing to the prosperity of society through business development."


Sumisetsu Philippines Inc also operates in the Philippines in the same spirit. As an engineering company, we are engaged in a wide range of electrical, air conditioning, sanitation, and fire extinguishing equipment work in the Philippines, and play a part in supporting Japanese companies expanding into the Philippines.


In April 2020, the Group formulated the medium-term management plan "Vision24" to "promote business operations rooted in the region and make the overseas business group of choice for stakeholders an ideal image.


We are working on priority measures with the theme of "providing high-quality engineering services" and "realizing business operations that are unique to Sumitomo Densetsu Co., Ltd with national staff."


In addition, with the motto of "cherishing people", we are also working on "work style reform" to realize a work environment in which all people who support our business can lively and lively.


In the future, we will continue to provide value-added services by strengthening the electric machinery business, solidifying our management structure, and providing valuable services, while maintaining a stance of sincerely confronting everything based on ensuring safety and quality and thorough compliance.


We will do our best to continue to grow as a leading electrical and mechanical Construction Company.