Keeping up with the trend and new ways to deliver oneness of heart, Sumitomo Densetsu Co. Ltd. keeps the blood running from its core to all its organs by initiating the E-Learning Compliance program amidst the existence of the global pandemic.

Compliance is a broad term for the various regulations that affect businesses. Ensuring that everyone in the company is not just aware but has a good understanding of it is a critical business responsibility. This aims to make employees more knowledgeable about the organization's rules and regulations that affect everyone's specific roles.

Parallel to the head office's objectives, one of the missions of Sumisetsu Philippines, Inc. is to satisfy our customers by striving to deliver quality works, keeping abreast with technological progress, excellent performance, and services. Utilizing a user-friendly learning management system to tackle important compliance topics is smart to make sure that everyone in the company is having a great learning experience with the issue that is often perceived boring by the employees. This kind of activity signifies adaptation to the new arising era of digitalization that is hardly boosted by the existence of the global pandemic.